5 Key “A” Reasons Why Retirees Relocate to Panama

Where to settle down is ever at the forefront of many conversations as the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement age at an increasing rate. There are many determining factors you need to consider when choosing a relocation destination in order to maximize your savings and minimize your stress. Assessments of your personality, personal, healthcare and housing needs, your tolerance level and adaptability to situations that do not always run smoothly, and your financial strength should be made in order to line up a potential country, and then a region within that country.


Panama continues to be at the top of the list of best places in the world to relocate during your retirement years. So when you ask yourself, or shall I say, when your friends ask, “Why Panama?” it is best to be armed with 5 key “A” reasons for making the move bonus member baru 200% slot.

Affordability – Depending on the lifestyle you choose to live, Panama offers a wide range of choices. No matter what style you choose, it will still be less expensive than living in the United States or Canada. Housing, healthcare, utilities and clothing can all be obtained for a fraction of the cost. Fresh fruits and vegetables in season are found in abundance at reasonable prices and if you purchase the local brand of your favorite food item you can save a bundle over buying an imported brand. For you adventurous spirits, local transportation is a steal, with bus fares starting as low as 30 cents. Taxi rides, depending on the number of passengers and the distance, can be had for as little as $1.25. You definitely won’t spend as much money on clothes as you will not need seasonal changes, boots, jackets, gloves or hats, except for a straw hat to protect you from the sun and to mask your “bad hair” days. (Refer to my earlier article entitled 8 Startle Factors…)

You can live comfortably for as little as $1,200/month, which includes dining out a couple times per week to take advantage of the 15-20% discount afforded women over 55 and men over 60, so don’t be afraid to politely ask for it. (Ley 6) Rents, utilities and restaurants can be higher priced in Panama City. As a new arrival it is advisable to do your homework and check it twice and choose to rent for at least six months before purchasing.

Continuing on, take special note of the next “A” before choosing your ultimate destination.

Accessibility – Panama is an easy country to navigate with or without a car. The Pan-American Highway runs east to west from the Costa Rican border to Panama City and all other destinations branch off from there. My husband and I are still getting around by bus or taxi, and we manage to go everywhere we want to go. Want to go to the beach? Your biggest problem will be deciding which beach. Looking to get away to the mountains? They are all around you. Ready to explore the sites? There is a world of attractions awaiting your exploration.

Here’s another part of this key “A” reason for relocating to Panama. If you have to fly back home, Panama’s main airport, Tocumen, is a short-3-5 hour direct plane ride to most of the 10 connector U.S. cities. You’ll just have enough time to drink your beverage, eat your snack and watch the on-board movie. This is a very important factor if you have family members you may need to get back to quickly or personal doctor’s appointments you have scheduled in advance. No jet lag here, as Panama is either on EST or CST depending on daylight saving time in the U.S.

Affability – Panama is a country that is very social. In other words, there are plenty of festivities you can choose to attend. It seems every time you look around, Panama is celebrating another holiday and each celebration lasts several days, maybe even a week and ALWAYS with fireworks. In addition to the Panamanian celebrations there are active American and Canadian expatriate groups that host well-attended parties to observe Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, End of the Rainy Season and any other reason to get together and socialize. There are numerous online forums that will help you meet people in order to find others who share your interests. The forums are a great place to learn what and what not to do when making your transition. As an added bonus, you will become acquainted with some of our more “colorful” and vocal experts. (Oops! I meant expats)

Activity – There will be little opportunity to get bored in Panama. Ennui is not for me. The choices for entertainment are endless and they include adventure and cultural activities and tours in every part of the country. There are the contemporary and colonial attractions in the two main cities, Panama and David; the pre-Columbian shoreline of Veraguas province; the untamed Darien wilderness; beaches too numerous to mention; Panama Canal excursions, a world-class jazz festival and lazy days on Amador Causeway; museums, concerts, cultural festivals and artisan fairs; rain forests, orchid farms, fincas, health resorts and mineral pools; visits to personality-laden communities like Coronado, El Valle, Penonome, Las Tablas, Boquete, Volcan, Baru, Bocas Del Toro and Colon; boat rides to surrounding islands like Taboga, Coiba, Isla Grande, John Wayne Island, the Pearl Islands, the San Blas and Bocas del Toro archipelagos, the Islas Secas chain, Morro Negritos and the islands off the Azuero Peninsula, just to name a few. You can choose to fish, boat, yacht, snorkel, scuba dive, surf, take in a horse race or a baseball game, visit an Indian village, horseback ride, river raft, zipline, whale and dolphin watch, bird watch, hike, bike, jog, shop, go to the zoos, or enjoy restaurants which offer a wide array of cuisines. And if all of this is not enough you can even spend your time and money in some of the smaller-version Las Vegas-style casinos. So if you are wondering what to do with all of your free time, the answer is, explore!

Availability -The great thing about Panama is the availability of just about any service or product you desire. With large, heavily stocked grocery, clothing, and electronics stores; health and personal care products; pharmacies, modern malls, and office supply stores; clinics and hospitals; transportation; communication and cable outlets; restaurants, fast food chains and ice cream shops; open-air markets; real estate; banks; schools; embassies and a country full of new friends just waiting to welcome you, it will be a long shot that there is much you will miss after a while.

I must admit one thing. Just the other day a lady friend did point out 2 things she misses from the US – one is crook-neck yellow squash and the other is collard greens. (She’s a southerner like me, so I could relate)

Compare other countries to Panama and it will become crystal clear why this sun-drenched, tropical paradise continues to top the charts as one of the most desirable retirement locations in the world.