5 Seafood and Barbeque Restaurants in Pichau, Switzerland

Cupom de desco is one of the many famous restaurants in Pichau, Colombia. The restaurant started serving its food in 1992. There are three branches: one inside the premises of a former hotel, the other two on Colva River’s banks. The original design was inspired by an old Portuguese fort. Since then, it has adopted a unique style similar to other Colombian colonial restaurants. Here are some of its must-try meals.

cupom de desconto pichau

A combination of Spanish and Peruvian meals – Peruvian cuisine is very rich and creamy, so the original fish soup combination was an improvement. You will find it extremely tasty and very easy to prepare. There are seven varieties: Serrano ham, picante (pinktoe), pollo asado, conchas, concha, colchico, and pinto. As for the seafood, you can choose from trout, salmon, mahi, swordfish, white shrimp, or scallops.

A vegetarian dish with exotic spices – Salmon is the most popular seafood in Peru, so try this new vegetarian dish. It contains a high amount of protein and low calories. Salmon is prepared in different ways: grilled, boiled, fried, steamed, or broiled. It is then served with potatoes, rice, salad and vegetables. Make sure to take time to chew the delicate seafood and to avoid your teeth and palate from getting gag reflexes cupom de desconto pichau.

Fresh seafood and delicious beans – In case you were afraid that your stomach would be “overloaded” to see so many seafood delicacies in one restaurant, you need not worry about that now. This seafood restaurant offers a wonderful broad array of seafood delicacies, ranging from shrimp, crab, octopus, lobster to paella. Everything is fresh and tasty. Try the seafood paella with lemon rice and potatoes, or the seafood sandwich with house-made tomato, spicy black beans and corn tortillas.

Excellent fresh seafood dumplings – When you go to Peru, you cannot miss the unique flavors of the country’s seafood restaurants, particularly those in Cusco. At the Cupom de Descoto restaurant, you will be delighted by the mouthwatering seafood dumplings. The combination of beef, shrimp and squid with bamboo shoots and white snapper are very tasty. If you don’t like seafood, don’t worry either because you can also order fish, chicken, lamb, duck and other meat dishes. There is something for everyone at this restaurant.

Delicious Vegetarian Dishes – Peru is well known for its delicious vegetarian dishes. If you are vegetarian, you can easily find a restaurant that serves delectable vegetarian cuisines. Try the delectable almond and hemp seed soup and the creamy vegetable soup dal. You will not regret ordering these vegetarian dishes because they are very healthy and great for your body. Go ahead and try the delectable dishes at Cupom de Descoto and experience the wonderful tastes of Peru.

The Seafood – You cannot miss the delectable seafood cuisines at this restaurant. The award winning seafood dishes are simply mouthwatering and you will not want to stop eating them once you get them. They are made from fresh ingredients and are very healthy. Try the award winning seafood curry. With coconut milk and garlic it is extremely tasty.

There are many more delectable desserts at the Cupom de Descoto. Make sure to try out this restaurant while you are in Cusco. It is one of the best restaurants in Cusco that specializes in making delicious delectable desserts. So go on and enjoy a delightful meal at this fine dining restaurant.

– Seafood & Barbeque – This restaurant serves seafood that is freshly caught. You can order steamed or grilled seafood. Also there are some delectable barbecue dishes available. This restaurant also has a small collection of charcoal roasted chicken that is very tasty. Try out some of the delectable Ceviche and Teriyaki sauce.

– Chile de Pollo – If you are looking for a restaurant where you can get some delectable South American cuisine, then you should try out the popular Punta Cana Restaurant. This restaurant serves a variety of seafood delicacies including fresh shrimp and fish, as well as a wide selection of other delectable desserts. The seafood is fresh and the sauces are made from quality ingredients. Try out some of the delectable Churros and other South American specialty desserts.

– Seafood & Barbeque – This restaurant serves a variety of South American delicacies. These include steamed whitefish, tenderloin, skirt steak and many more. The seafood is fresh and the sauces are made with quality ingredients.