A Trophy Carries Dust, How You Perform Matters

A trophy carries dust, how you perform matters & last forever – inspired by the Indian Women Cricket Team

A record breaking spree by the Indian women cricket team in women’s quadrangular series is commendable and has inspired all the women out there to take a step forward and live their interest.

In a country which obsesses over its men’s cricket team it was refreshing to see the ladies making our country proud on the sport’s field. Karnataka Youth Cricket Academy has always been a support hand delivering training to both men and women and grooming the young talents to shape their career.

Categorized as one of the best cricket coaching in Bangalore KYCA has always taken an initiative to mark no difference between the training methods be it men or women best ca coaching in bangalore.

The main mantra does not lie in winning the toss and electing to bat, the techniques are the game changers.

Cricket – a sport played by women have always been assumed to be a peripheral identity.

Karnataka Youth Cricket Academy is molding its team to mark a new chapter in the culture of cricket spectatorship.

When the coaches in KYCA were interrogated about specific methods they part to their students, a valid answer received was “Wickets are getting a lot truer. The faster the ball is coming, the easier it is to hit. Taking the pace off means the batter actually has to create the pace themselves”.

Being a mentor and a spectator for the matches the coaches also shared that spinning has become a great part of the game. This technique also brought a change in batting perspective in the recent matches played by women cricket team.

It takes long to be counted amongst the best cricket club in Bangalore. KYCA team adopts a lot from the techniques used by cricketers on field. Reel to real practices have always proved advantageous.

Karnataka Youth Cricket Academy in Bangalore makes sure there is no non – performing asset in the team as they let the players be flexible with their sessions. The main idea of the academy is to be a performer than have a reputation.