Best Ab Exercises For a Flat Belly

If you are trying to get a flat stomach, doing tons of ab exercises for a flat belly won’t get you a 6 pack as quickly as you might think. In fact, most ab exercises do very little to flatten your tummy because they work just like any other exercises that builds muscle, they stress the muscle so that it rebuilds stronger. Ab exercises give you stronger abs, not a flat sexy stomach. But if you want a six pack what are the best exercises?

In order to achieve that flat belly, you have to get your diet plan going. If you want to shrink your stomach quick, nothing can beat good nutrition. Once you are on a good diet, get with a good muscle building exercise routine. Building muscle will burn more fat and get your stomach going down in no time, much faster than tons of crunches or late night TV gizmos will.

Once you have a good exercise plan, you will want to focus on some exercises that will build your ab muscles so that your 6 pack can show as you reduce your body fat.

Here are some of my favorite ab exercises:

1. Squats

Place the squat bar on your shoulders or use okinawa flat belly tonic dumbbells and hold them at your shoulder height next to your head. Then just perform a normal squat. The reason this works so well is that your abs have to work extra hard to stabilize the weight at your shoulders. This keeps them tight and working hard throughout the whole movement.

2. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers focus mostly on lower abs and can be great for a six pack, as long as they are done with the right cadence. Get on your hands and toes as if you were going to be doing a few push ups, then just lift one knee to your chest and return it to the original position. After you are back to the original position, do the same with the other knee and repeat until you have done a full set.

3. Full Body Crunches

Full body crunches are very similar to regular crunches but with a little extra work added to pump your abs. Instead of just performing a normal crunch with your feet on the floor, extend your legs out in front of you when you bring your head down and pull your knees toward your chest as you crunch forward. You’ll feel it in no time.