Build Credibility With Your Followers in Ten Easy Steps

What is credibility? According to the dictionary it means; “The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief.” In short, it means my ability to convey to my followers that I am a truthful and honest guy. You can trust and believe what I say. How do I get you, my readers to believe this about me? I am going to give you ten steps to build credibility with your followers.

1. Verify that the information on my site is accurate
You can do this by getting third party support for the information you present. When you give links to your source material, even if people don’t go to those links, you are showing your confidence and trust in what your giving out.

2. Show Everyone That You Are Real
We live in an age of scams, inaccuracies, and lies. Showing a physical address, photos of products or offices, and a legitimate website for your organization and this should boast your credibility.

3. Do You Have Experts On Your Team?
Be sure to give their accreditation. People want to be sure you are affiliated with a respected organization. Make sure they know that you are. Don’t link with sites that are not credible. Remember, you are who you are by association.

4. Show That These Experts Are Honest and Trustworthy
Show who they are through some videos, images, or trainings. Let people see that the leadership and training of your organization is solid and true. Don’t be afraid to show the value of your group.

5. Put Your Contact Information Out There
So many people are timid and shy about this. Your running a business, how are people supposed to get in contact with you if you don’t have an email, phone number, or some other way to get in touch with you?

6. Make Your Site Professional With The Right Look
Set your site up to look the part and create the image that you are trying to portray. You have just seconds to gain the attention of someone who is surfing the net.

7. Make Your Site Easy To Walk Through and Use
Research shows that if it’s hard for someone to maneuver around ufabet มือถือ and see all there is to see, they won’t stay long and they won’t be coming back.

8. Update Your Content Often
Not only do the search engines give you more credibility when you do this, but visitors and your followers will also. Fresh new information will keep the traffic lines flowing.

9. Use Promotional Ads Sparingly
Remember you are branding you, so try not to bombard people with to many promotions and ads. Keep it to a minimum. You don’t want people feeling like their walking through the middle of the yellow pages. Keep them with lots of valuable content.

10. Avoid Mistakes – Even The Tiny Little Ones
Typographical errors and broken links hurt a site’s credibility more than most people imagine. It’s also important to keep your site up and running. You can lose a lot if your site is down for any length of time.

If you can implement these ten simple steps and be consistent with your efforts, your site will be visited quite frequently, your followers will increase, and your search engine rankings will start to rise.