Business Birthday Greeting Card – Appreciating Your Customers

You appreciate your customers, you appreciate the business they give you. Why not send them a personalized Birthday Business Card today. You can even purchase them are you local stationary or supply store. They are sold in bulk and allow you to always have a good supply on hand and ready to send out. Don’t make them personalized with a printout of your company name or your signature. Assign a monthly staff person to sign them and send them out to the recipients monthly, as needed. This will show the customers and prospective customers that you care even more by sending them a card actually signed and not computer generated. This person touch can help to turn a one time purchase or customer into a loyal repeat customer. Helps you to build trust and loyalty.

Add that special touch along with your personalized greeting when you add a company coupon or something else as an added surprise to their business birthday card greeting. Maybe a freebie item or a discount coupon towards their next purchase or service. If you are one of those people that really enjoy birthdays, you could even go the extra mile and send them along with the personalized business birthday card a pen, calendar with the company logo, or a mug. If you find it is not economical to do this with every customer every year on their birthday, set a goal and send those who achieve that goal a little something extra. Or just take every few years or so and send out a special gift with their birthday greeting and a special thanks to your customers anthropologie birthday coupon.

A business birthday card does not have to have fancy details. It can be simple, to the point and plain with a brief birthday message to let the customers know you truly appreciate them. Before you think of starting this birthday acknowledgment, I suggest you let them know why you’re asking for their birth date. Let them know that every so often you like to send something with their birthday card to show appreciation. Since a birth date is not a necessity on applications or for the condition of their purchase they may wonder why it is you’re asking for it. So make sure you let them know so they don’t feel like you are trying to invade on them. And sometimes people do not like to have a card “just show up” in their mail one day, they may also feel invaded from this and you could lose potential customers by doing so. If you ask the customer for their birth date and they do not want to provide it do not push the issue. This could end up turning a good idea into a bad idea and in turn you could lose their business.

If you don’t want to make your customers feel invaded by when asking for their personal birthday, you could always chose to send out an alternative. Celebrate your business’ birthday with a card sent out to acknowledge your business birthday to your customers with a discount coupon or award to show their loyalty. You can build a good relationship with your customers this way and won’t be invading their privacy by asking their birth date.

If you business is based online, it might even be more appropriate to send your customers an online greeting card. Again, like the printed version, it does not have to be fancy, something simple, to the point and plain is just fine. An online coupon or savings code for your customers along with the business greeting is a great way to show you care and appreciate their business.