Buying World of Warcraft Gold

Buying WoW gold has become extremely popular over the last year and a half. Now more and more people are playing World of Warcraft and many other mmorpgs. There are currently about nine million registered warcraft fans world wide. Blizzard currently contains the largest mmorpg subscriber base in the world. With that many players I’m sure there are a large portion that will be looking forward to buying WoW gold, but since these are virtual transactions how would one know whether that seller or trustworthy and reliable?

To start narrowing sellers down, you can ask for their paypal account. Usually it is visible on their site and many sellers praises their reputation with having paypal as their merchant processor. Paypal offers two different types of seals. One that represents how many verified customers they have sold to and one that displays whether they are a world wide seller. You are also able to find their status of whether they are using a personal paypal account, premier or an actual legitimate business account. You can also find the length they have been in business. Currently the most popular seller at the moment holds over 50,000 unique verified transactions, it may not seem much but the number of

First off, if you’re a user from the United States or some of the other approved countries that paypal has approved of, using paypal is probably going to be a breeze. I have not had the privilege of using paypal as a US resident (quite obviously) so, I cannot give you a review on using paypal as one! But as an International merchant using paypal, this is what I have to say – YOU MAY NEVER GET TO SEE YOUR MONEY AT ALL Buy Verified PayPal Account!

So you’re not a fan of trusting paypal yourself? Well you can always look through their domain age & registrant information. Popular domain registrars allows you to check the ownership of the domain and how long it has been hosted for. You can find whether the domain is registered to an individual or to a business along with their length of operations. You can also find their older versions of the site to see if they have done anything fishy. is one of the popular sites that allows you to see snapshots of the websites in the past.

Last but not least you can always use the popular search engine to find more information on the WoW gold seller. Usually by just typing in the name you would be able to find plentiful of information that other users may have mentioned. It is also dependent on how popular that seller is as well, you may not even be able to find much. With large stores and trustworthy sellers you should not have much to worry. There are many popular forums that discusses over sellers and provides many recommendations as well. Good Luck and World of Warcraft!