Colon Therapy Educator Discusses the Importance and Benefits of Colon Cleansing

In this article Buck Rizvi the importance of colon cleansing and what is in a colon cleanse product. Buck Rizvi is the CEO or Organica Research and colon therapy educator.

Kevin: So, Buck, this is an interesting topic, colon cleansing. So the first question that I’m going to ask you, and you probably get this a lot, is how did you get into this?

Buck: Well, it’s a great question. I’ve picked up a copy of a book on life extension probably almost twenty years ago now and I look back as to why I picked up that book and it was around the same time that I got my first grey hair.

Kevin: Uh huh. Sure.

Buck: So I’ve been very aware of this topic. What people can do to increase the quality of their lives, extend their lives, and live happier, more productive lives and more recently, probably within the last few years, I’ve been studying up on the topic of detoxifying the body and we as Americans specifically we’re constantly bombarded with various toxins through the foods that we eat, the products that we use, and I know that’s one of the major contributors to disease is the inability of the body to rid itself of toxins.

Kevin: Sure.

Buck: So it was almost a unique opportunity that was presented to me. I was
interested in building a world class health products company and I was looking for which product I should carry first because I wanted to focus and have a product that did very well in the marketplace, that would have a universal appeal, and be very successful and I decided that a whole body detoxification program specifically a colon cleansing program would be the right way to start and it turned out that it was. We’ve been very successful with our product.

Kevin: Sure and it’s funny you say appeal. I mean it’s not the first thing I think is
appealing, but why colon cleansing as opposed to some of the other things that people can do to cleanse? Why did you think colon cleansing was the best way to start?

Buck: That’s a great question, Kevin. If you read some of the books on the topic, and there’s some really good books out there. One by Dr. Bernard Jensen called ‘Better Bowel Care’. You realize we don’t think about this. We don’t like to think about it. It is a dirty secret, this whole notion of the bowel, colon, bowel movement, things like that. You know we go and use the bathroom, close the door, turn the fan on, and make sure no one’s around. You know, no one likes to talk about this stuff, but what the reality is that the bowel is the sewer system of the body, right?

Kevin: Right.

Buck: And it’s incredibly important that it is one of the major organs that is used to take toxins out of our body and if it’s not functioning properly, if things are getting backed up in that sewer system, it’s very alike a sewer system here in your neighborhood. If that gets backed up and sewerage starts flowing back up your pipes into your house, you’ve got a major problem and people are going to get sick and the same thing happens with the body.

Kevin: Right and what are some of the health benefits of someone who takes their colon cleanser or does a cleansing type product, what are some of the benefits The Lost Book of Herbal they can achieve after they’re done?

Buck: Well, I can share with you benefits that have been shared with us by our

Kevin: Sure.

Buck: But we have customers that tell us that first and foremost they wind up losing weight very rapidly. Typically, I’ve heard, anywhere from 3 to twenty pounds of weight being lost by being on the program for say a thirty day period. Sometimes some will stay on the program longer, but if you have protruding belly, a potbelly, quite often through our dietary habits we’re carrying some extra fecal matter in the digestive tract.

Kevin: Okay.

Buck: Specifically in the colon and so this can help to eliminate and pass that extra matter and by doing so help flatten the tummy and lose some excess weight.

Kevin: Right and what about some of the rumors? Who’s the actor….

Buck: John Wayne?

Kevin: Yes, is that true?

Buck: Well, those were reported I think back in 1999 in an article in USA Today. So I mean as reported by major news outlets it was indicated that he had excess material in his colon and you know you hear varying amounts. I don’t know if it was 10 pounds or forty pounds. I don’t know and I wasn’t the doctor and I didn’t read that. What I can say there were studies performed by a chiropractic institute in Chicago where they did, and this comes from Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book ‘Better Bowel Care’, and they had done autopsies on, I don’t know, a couple hundred bodies and in the autopsies they found that the colons, well, the individuals before they passed away did not complain of constipation. During the autopsies they found that they were in fact constipated.

Kevin: Really?

Buck: So it’s very interesting to hear when, I don’t know how often the average American has a bowel movement, but in reality you should have a bowel movement to correspond with about, once per meal. So it’s not, if everything’s working correctly and you’re eating the proper foods and you have the right amount of fiber and you’re taking in the right amount of liquid intake that it’s not unusual for you to have 3 bowel movements or more a day.

Kevin: Right. I know people who have 1 a week.

Buck: And that’s terrible. That is absolutely terrible and we have customers who come to us and tell us that 1 a week is good for them. Or some of them think that maybe even 1 a day is good for them. The reality is that, and this is one of the benefits of being on a program like ours, is that once you start to be on the program you see yourself having a higher frequency of bowel movement. It’s not unpleasant; it’s actually a pleasant experience. There’s no straining. It’s, you’re eliminating the toxic material more quickly and it has major benefits for the body.

Kevin: Yes and without getting too graphic, I mean…

Buck: We’re on the edge there now.

Kevin: Yes I know. We’re getting there. How does something like this, a colon cleansing product, work to actually clean impacted feces? I mean how does it get it out?

Buck: Well, in our product we have a combination of about fourteen different herbs and fiber and so we have both soluble and insoluble fiber in our product and the fiber obviously is the major component, the different types of fiber, the major components that help to pull toxins from the digestive tract, from the colons specifically, and help to loosen if used regularly and consistently through the thirty day cycle and again some people stay on it longer to help loosen that material and help you pass it. And it’s obviously very important that you have a proper amount of liquid intake in general, but specifically when you’re taking a colon cleansing program like this. We’ve added a set of different herbal ingredients that help to soothe and protect the digestive tract as well and they also contribute to the overall detoxification process supported by the ultimate colon cleanse.

Kevin: Got you. What are some of the active ingredients? Are there any specific ones that do more than others or what are some of the?

Buck: Well, I like to believe the way we formulated this and the herbs that we use are all effective for what they do and from a fiber standpoint we have cilium and flax in the product. We have slippery embark and marshmallow root and rhubarb root and the product peppermint leaf which has been used for centuries as a tonic for helping the digestive process. I don’t know if you’re, do you use peppermint tea, for example, which…