Display Racks Broken Down Into 3 Big Trends

Display racks are essential for clothing boutiques, home goods stores, toy stores and other retail venues. No matter what type of store you have, display racks are available to satisfy your retail fixture needs. Three big trends in display racks include slatwall displays, wire display racks, and cardboard display units. Slatwall fixtures and gridwall units allow for individual customization, while cardboard units are known to be portable and lightweight for temporary use. Cardboard display racks are also economically priced. Read on for further details…

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Do you have a store with frequently changing retail displays? Display racks, like slatwall displays allow you to easily build the store fixture that will best suit the individual needs of your retail store. Slat wall panels and kiosks feature various individual slats for accessories to be added or removed with ease. Long gone are the days where setting up a new display took hours. Simply add these store fixtures to your place of business, and you will be able to change your displays in no time. Some slatwall accessories include sign holders, wire baskets, acrylic bins, faceouts and waterfall arms.

Wire (including gridwall)
Wire displays come in multiple shapes and sizes for countertop, wall-mounting and floor-standing purposes. Many countertop wire racks are used to hold CDs or DVDs, and in many cases even spin on revolving bases to provide easy access to customers. Others present magazines or brochures with an open construction allowing consumers to view titles and information without effort. Wire display racks are typically constructed from high-quality welded wire and feature a black, powder-coated finish superstore racks in lahore. Wire gridwall fixtures generally have an open design giving you the ability to personalize any display. For gridwall displays, you can either buy pre-configured displays or “build your own” units, and choose from an array of baskets, faceouts and waterfall attachments.

Cardboard displays are the economical solution for temporary retail presentations. Cardboard retail displays are reasonably priced and even ship flat to save you money on packing and shipping fees. Available in floor-standing and countertop units, these corrugated cardboard displays come in multi and single-pocket builds. They are perfect for showcasing promotional, on-sale or clearance products, and can be purchased in different colors like blue, red, black and white. Although these cardboard displays are only meant for temporary use, in most cases they are strong enough to endure the wear and tear of any busy store.

These display rack trends exist to enable organized product displays and ultimately – drive sales. Visual merchandising in an organized way brings energy to the retail floor and promotes customer purchases. Furthermore, retail display fixtures that are strategically placed attract browsing attention and also enhance your customers experience while waiting in line. Display racks are essential for any retail store, boutique or gift shop. Whether you are outfitting a new store location, or just looking to update existing store fixtures, display racks may be exactly what you need.