Drop in Bed Liners – Frequently Asked Questions

Drop in bed liners are just one of many ways to protect your expensive truck. It’s almost a must to install some kind of bed liner in a truck Otherwise using a truck for real hauling will rapidly damage the truck and cost a lot of money. One of the popular liners is the plastic bedliner. These are some of the questions to consider if you think you might want a new bed liner.

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1. Why not a spray on bed liner?
A professional spray on bed liner is considered the top choice for truck bed protection by many people. Here’s the problem. Spray on liners are coated with very thick, very tough paint. It’s repairable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t damage it. It’s paint. See, the paint is very thick so it takes a while to scratch through it, but it can be damaged. These liners are expensive too. A plastic liner on the other hand is almost impossible to really damage. On top of that, these liners are cheap too.

2. Will it stand up to hard use?
Thick plastic liners are about as tough as any material. Liners can stand the most abusive loads. Rocks, concrete, metal,…. most anything can be hauled without damaging the bed underneath. In addition, the plastic absorbs hard blows and almost completely eliminates dents to a bed too bedliner.

3. Are they all one piece?
Plastic liners are custom made to fit your truck. Most are molded in one piece. For a better fit, there is one liner, the DualLiner, that’s made in five pieces to fit the front, sides bottom and tail gate of the bed. Since it’s in pieces, it’s easier to get it to drain right and also easier to get a tight fit so it doesn’t shift around while you’re going down the road.

4. What’s it going to cost?
A plastic bed liner runs about half the cost of a professional spray on liner. Get tired of it, just pull it out and slide in another. Can’t do that with a spray liner.

5. Any problems with a plastic be liner?
A poor fitting plastic bed liner causes three different problems. A loose fitting liner vibrates and moves. The liner rubs on the paint and wears bed paint away. That’s the perfect starting spot for rust and corrosion. Some liners fit so that air flows under the liner causing lots of wind noise. That’s often very noisy and aggravating. Finally, plastic bed liners are known for trapping water underneath the liner. Water pools under the liner and just sits there. That’s another perfect set-up for a rusty corroded truck bed. Not a good thing.

Drop in bed liners are the very toughest bed protection. You just must make sure the liner fits right or you can have serious problems. One option is the DualLiner plastic liner. Since it’s in 5 pieces, it fits better than a one piece liner and is designed to drain better too.