Flat Tummy Workout Routines

Some of these exercises are difficult to achieve and as you look at them, some of them could be way beyond your grasp – for the moment. Select the ones you can achieve before graduating to the more strenuous ones. A flat tummy and strong working center also known as your core muscles can take months to build up – and a very short time to render them null and void! It can be the birth of a baby, a hysterectomy, or a lazy, sedentary lifestyle with an unhealthy indulgence in all the wrong type of foods that cause the spare tyre and those extra pounds of wobbling fat.


1. Lie flat on your back. Raise both legs in the air, crossing Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews them at the ankles; bend your legs a little.

2. Raise your head and keep reaching for your ankles – maybe even past them for your toes. Do not drop your head back onto the floor at all. If you can achieve 20 reaches you are doing well!

3. Still with your legs crossed in the air, lightly clasp your hands behind your head. Sit up a little and touch your right elbow onto your left knee and then your left elbow onto your right knee. Keep a nice rhythmic swing to this. How many can you do?

4. Bend your left knee, extend your right leg and touch your right elbow onto your left knee.

5. Change legs. Extend your left leg and bend your right. Touch your right leg with your left elbow. It is a strange way to cycle!

6. Rowing time – but without the machine! Balance on your bottom, knees together, feet off the ground, arms bent holding the ‘oars’

7. Exhale as you lean back – not too far – through a curved spine. Reach out with the arms. Both movements should be combined and executed quickly. Do not hold the leaning back position