Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook Users

Many users are migrating from Microsoft to Google, since Google Apps provide various additional benefits such as the opportunity to use cost-effective applications that do not require regular desktop maintenance. Google Apps migration is a relatively simple process and to migrate from Microsoft Outlook to Google, the user needs to know a few things. Listed below are some tips on how to easily shift from Outlook to Google 相親香港.

Overview of Google Apps Migration
Google allows business owners and their employees to make use to user-friendly applications to cut operation costs and increase productivity. Google Apps migration is a desktop program that allows users to export existing contacts, mail 相親, dates and other information from a Microsoft Exchange account or PST file into a Google powered account. The migration offers users various choices such as selective migration of email, calendars and contacts or user driven individual migration.

Features of Google Apps Migration
Users can either import various details in one stage or several stages. Users can import mails sent either before or after a selected date. Users can skip importing Junk email deleted items and unwanted items. Users can monitor the progress of the migration at all times and users can pause or resume the migration when they want. Users can also run subsequent migration commands that only import new data that has not been previously imported. Users should note that before using the migration, the user has to go to the app control panel, select the check box that allows users to upload mail using the API (Email Migration) speed dating.

System Requirements for Google Apps Migration
Users who have Windows XP 32 bit SP3 operating can migrate to Google. Also, users who have Windows Vista 32, 64 bit SP 1 and Windows 7 32 and 64 operating systems can migrate to the Apps. Users who have certain versions of Microsoft Outlook such as 2003 SP3, 2007 SP2 and 2010 32 and 64 bit can shift to the Apps with ease.

Google Apps migration is available with any edition of app migration software and users who want to try the apps before purchasing an account can opt for a limited time only trial account. Trying out with a free account has various benefits such as the buyer gets to use the product before purchasing however, users who are interested in cutting down operation costs as soon as possible may want to purchase a paid account as soon as possible once they have decided to switch to Google services.