How to Build Your Food Recipe Blog For Maximum AdSense Earnings

Food recipe blogs are all the rage these days. People are no longer satisfied with just cooking for themselves or their families anymore. They want to share what they know about cooking, dining, and recipes with everyone else who is willing to learn. A lot of people make money from their blog through advertisements, either on their blog site itself or through affiliate sales, books, and even gift certificates. One blog in particular is very popular among bloggers; this article will explain how to make money blogging from a food recipe blog.

First, you need to find out which food recipe blog themes are the most popular. By “popular,” I mean that there are a lot of people who regularly visit that blog and read the recipes. You should try to find themes that appeal to your target audience. For instance, if you are writing about Chinese recipes, then you will want to look for recipes from Chinese restaurants, especially ANIL UZUN if you know a lot of Chinese chefs.

Next, you need to find the best Google AdSense alternatives to promote your food blog. There are a lot of blog programs available on the web today. You should carefully research them before you decide on which one to use to create your Google AdSense campaign. Some are better than others. For instance, you can create a food blog using EzineArticles as your content source, but you will likely not earn as much with EzineArticles as you would using other content sources.

After you’ve decided on your Google AdSense alternatives, you need to choose which Google Adsense programs you are going to use to display ads on your food blog. There are a lot of great free Google AdSense alternatives out there. Most of them allow you to customize the ad units and text on your blog. I recommend the “dotted path” style instead of the normal formatted style of ad unit display because it will show up in the sidebar of your blog as well as above the fold – so that people looking for good food recipes won’t have to scroll down to see what’s available. This will make your food blog income higher.

For your AdSense campaign to be fully effective, you need a very unique and elegant theme for each of your Google AdSense ads. Some bloggers use the same exact template for all of their AdSense ads, but this is very unprofessional. You need to make sure that the text on your blog is unique for each ad group. You could for example use a tiny recipe index on the side of each ad for something like “Chinese Decaf Tenders” or “Cheese Fondue”. The point is to not make your blog look like every other recipe blog out there.

Once you have your AdSense theme built, you need to start generating content about your niche or food product line. If you’re creating a recipe blog then write about new recipes you find and try to post at least once a week with tips and tricks that readers can use. You should also link back to your AdSense sites whenever you can to make money from any sales that you earn from people clicking on your links. Some AdSense sites allow you to do direct linking to your ads, which increases your earnings even more. You can also use a blog feature called Google Me, which automatically includes AdSense ads on your blog posts. Either way, your foodie blog is ready to go and you’ll start making money from your recipes almost as soon as you get started.