How To Embed FLV Video Squeeze Page – Free Email List Building Tip

A great way to increase conversions in your opt in page is to use video on the squeeze page. It can be as simple as a video on the left and an opt-in form on the right.

Most squeeze pages that have video will host their own video instead of using YouTube or another online video service. This can create an issue especially if you are a PC user.

The video software most PCs use will create an MP4 or WMV. You need to convert these formats to FLV for use in a Flash Player before you can host this.

Otherwise you need to host the video on a site like YouTube. But if you are using this in a squeeze page, it may be best to host this video yourself. In which case, you need to turn it into an FLV. Here’s how to do this easily and best of all, for free youtube video mp4 downloader.

Step 1 – Download a Flash Player. I use Flowplayer which can be found at They have a free version of their player that has everything you need. It will have a small Flowplayer logo before the video plays but it is non-obtrusive and well worth the price of free.

They have very simple documentation that walks you through how to install it and embed the video on your squeeze page.

To install Flowplayer, download it, unzip the files and copy them to your web directory. There are only 3 files you will need. Refer to their simple documentation on their site.

Step 2 – Create the FLV file. If you don’t have a conversion tool to create your FLV, has you covered. Upload your mp4 to Once the video is processed simply go into the video then scroll down until you see the word media. Look for the word web where you will find a long link for your FLV that has been converted free by Just right click it and save it.

Step 3 – Embed your video code into the squeeze page. There are only 3 lines of HTML code you will need.

For step by step instructions, I also created a video showing how to do this. You can find it on my blog.

Make sure to come to your own conclusions to see if video will work well for you. Just because it works for one person does not mean it will work for all. The only way to know is to test.