Italian Table Wines: Quality Italian Wines For the Best Food Experience

Italian wine is grown in each and every region of Italy, home to many of the oldest and most respected wine-making regions in the entire world. Italy is the largest producer of Italian wine, having an area of 712,000ha under cultivation, and contributing an estimated 2017 income of around 110 billion euros. With its history as a country built on warring between different ethnic groups for generations, Italy has seen a rise in diverse cultures, influences and cuisines. Some of the most well-known Italian wines include Veneto, a wine region that contains some of the most historically significant and beautiful towns and castles in all of Europe. Others are San Gimignano, Casteluccia, Campania, Tuscany and Abruzzo.

Italy’s agricultural belt is marked by long, flat, hills covered with vineyards stretching from the mainland down to the coastal regions. The most famous Italian wine is Tirreno which is made from a grape called the “tinta”. This grape has its seed covered in a white color. It is this unique color that gives this wine its name. Although many regions produce good red wines in Tuscany it is Tirreno that is renowned for its quality.

Another well-known Italian wine is Chianti, which is the most commonly grown in Tuscany and the Veneto. Chianti grapes produce the most variety of sparkling wines in Italy and the majority of this variety is made in the northern part of the country. This Italian wine is characterized by a grassy taste and a soft structure. Chianti is a red grape variety that are mainly cultivated in the Veneto, but it is also grown in other parts of Veneto like Trentino-Alto Adigo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Friuli Liguria etc.

Italian wine and cheese go well together. You will find many delicious recipes with Italian wine or with Italian cheese. There are many international restaurants Click Here in Italy which serve gourmet food of various countries, for example, pasta and pizza, Italian sausage, pastrami with tomato sauce, Lasagna, rice, Indian curries and the likes. The Italians love to eat food of different countries. So, the Italians have a large number of food dishes to choose from.

Italian White Wine: Italy is known for its legendary Chianti wine. Italian wine producers produce about sixty types of wines. They are as diverse as the people themselves. For example, you can find Italian whites that are sweet, dry and fruity or as dry and fresh as a cucumber. One of the most popular Italian wines is doc production, which has a sweeter flavor than the DOC.

Italian sparkling wines are made with the same types of grapes as the Italian white wines but are pasteurized at a lower temperature. This makes the wine last longer in the bottle and give it more structure so when it’s opened it is less likely to foam. Italian red wines on the other hand are made with different varieties of grapes, including semillon and vermouth. Some of the better known brands are Vino Nobile, Castello Rosso, San Mario, Bertolli, Bertani, Cavalier Brut, Lambrusco, Gaviano, Valpolicella, Fumagalli, Pagliacci, Gavina, Zamboni and Paglia.

A great number of people prefer Italian wines to other brands. It is not surprising, since Italian wines are very well-known for their pleasant tastes and pleasant aromas. When you have Italian food at your home, just remember to keep your glass full. With these simple tips, you will surely enjoy your meal with Italian food or with Italian table wines.