Learning at La Academia en vivo

La Academia En vivo is a new online education portal that offers basic degree level education to students who are passionate about the Spanish language. It also offers distance education courses for college credit. This service was launched in 2021 and is offered to students from across Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and other European countries. The website was launched by the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s leading universities. Other participating universities are University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and University of Manchester.

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There are various ways to register with the website. Students can either register through a link in their email or through a registration form on the main page. They may also choose to receive information through email, telephone calls or through other downloadable mediums. Registered students have access to their own personal curriculum vitae, which contains information such as academic information, background and teaching activities. In addition, they also have access to a frequently asked questions section, group discussions, personal bulletin and library access showmatch en vivo.

The coursework starts off with AAS courses, which cover basic grammar, sentence structure, reading and writing. Then there is a core course covering the key concepts from grammar. The second semester focuses on reading extensively and deeply. Then there is a core unit concentrating on the written language, which cover essays, short stories, novels and poems. The final semester will focus on oral communication, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Students have the option of registering online, through an interface created by the Spanish University for this purpose. There are interactive lessons, chat rooms and forums, which enable students to interact with tutors and fellow students. La Academia En vivo also provides online exams and quizzes. Students are required to complete the entire core curriculum this way. However, there are some subjects that cannot be learnt that way. These are courses such as economics, engineering and technology, hospitality and tourism, and health care.

The other option available to students is distance learning. This involves downloading materials to an internet-connected computer. Students log into the course’s website using their credentials and log in using their name. They then take up classes online through this connection. There is a link between the classroom and the online classroom.

With the recent economic downturn, the number of people opting for this kind of education has been on the rise, especially those who cannot afford the fee structure of universities in Spain. There are a number of private schools in Madrid that offer online degrees. Some are part of the Association of Schools in Madrid (ASPM), an autonomous confectionary that caters to professionals and students alike. La Academia en vivo is one of these schools.