Mattress Cleaning Tips For A Clean Bed

Most of us go through life, never getting around to mattress cleaning. Sure, we vacuum and wash our couches and upholstered furniture on a regular basis, but there seems to be little thought given to the matter. You may have your weekly vacuuming and spot cleaning, but it can all be done before bedtime, leaving you with the stale odor of the cleaning chemicals and an unhealthy mattress.

The Reason Why Mattress Cleaning is Important | Fully Carpet Clean

One of the best reasons for regular mattress cleaning is that the bedding can contain potentially harmful allergens and bacteria. Each time you lay down to sleep, the allergens are breathed in and stirred around the body. If these substances are not removed by vacuuming and drying, they can make you very uncomfortable and possibly cause you to develop some form of allergy or asthma. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to at least ten million dust mites is considered to be very damaging to your health дезинфекция на матрак.

The trouble is that most people simply cannot afford to hire a professional mattress cleaning service to keep their bedding clean. Even if they do have the budget, they do not have the time or energy to dedicate to this chore on a regular basis. This is where commercial mattress cleaners come in handy. These cleaners utilize special machinery to suck out all of the dust, dirt and allergens from your bedding. They will take the suction device and slowly remove the thick layer of mite, dust and foam from the mattress. A deep clean of any mattress is necessary every few months to remove all of the grime that has built up over the years.

Keep in mind that it is not only dirt and mites that need to be removed from your mattress. Any food, grease or other stains need to be gone. Any type of unnatural chemical that could cause a reaction in you mattress needs to be removed as well. Before any cleaning takes place on your mattress, you will want to make sure to turn the mattress inside out and cover the mattress in a plastic bag or garbage bag so no dust particles are able to escape. Make sure that the bag is tightly sealed and that it is completely empty before you return the mattress to the laundry.

Commercial mattress cleaning is very important to prevent these types of problems from developing. If you have a child, you should consider having your child’s crib cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Even if you do not currently have a child, you should consider this service. Dust and other allergens that build up in a child’s room can be very difficult to remove without the help of a professional. A good mattress cleaner can clean blood stains and vomit stains effectively, but they can also remove other types of stains, grease, and mildew. As you can see, a mattress cleaning service is a great way to ensure that your bedding stays clean and healthy for a long time.

Vacuuming regularly is also another good way to maintain your mattress. You should vacuum on a regular schedule, at least once every other day, but you should remember to vary the areas that you vacuum in order to avoid getting too much traffic in one particular area. You should vacuum from the top, bottom, and side of the mattress, but you should not worry about where you vacuum as the principle here is to simply make sure that dirt does not enter the fibers of the mattress. Your vacuum should also be maintained on a regular basis, so look for coupons and sales at your local mattress outlet to get a good deal on your vacuuming.