Multi Dimensional Cinemas – The Technical Edge

The turn of the century has given entertainment gurus plenty to be happy about. With more innovations being bundled together by the day, the entertainment industry has seen a surge in technology that offers a whole new experience to the audiences. Multi dimensional movies have become the latest to tag in line with this in the present – day. With state of the art technology being used, the quality of cinema viewing has been enhanced multi folds.

The Experience

Marketing is all about how you make someone feel and this is very evident in the entertainment industry as well. 7 D cinemas have been created having this concept in mind which makes the audiences feel the video on the screen rather than making it just another viewing experience. High definition multi dimensional cinemas work with experience as the focal point and hence have been successful in making an impact with their audiences digital cinema.

Innovative Seats

The experience begins with the comfortable seats that have six degrees of freedom control with 12 directions, 36 combinations and 72 movements in all. Just by the look at these numbers, one can understand the kind of impact these hydraulic movement seats can offer to the audiences. This offers the experience that the audience looks forward to – they move with the video shown on the screen, a flying experience is made more realistic with the seat movements that offer the feel of a true flight. Sudden jerks, swaying movements to imitate those of the waves, the experience of hanging on the top railing of a giant wheel or walking on the edge of the canyon, is made more realistic thanks to these seats.

The Stereo Effect

If the seats are a wonderful experience then the sound is no match. The stereo effects in a multi dimensional cinema offers some add-ons that makes the experience more thrilling and entertaining. The digital effects enhances the physical experience of the seats and with synchronization with the video and the seats, it offers a complete package. Though the stereo in the present – day regular movie viewing is enhanced, the experience is completely different in a 7 D cinema theatre as the audiences are relatively lesser here and hence the stereo effect is enhanced.

Environmental Effects

In the digital age, there is seldom anything that creates an impact unless and until the target audience senses it. With the innovative designs of multi dimensional cinema, this feature is enhanced. The environmental effects are a definite add-on to the digital cinema experience. It offers a complete package with special effects such as the water sprays, snow fall, air turbines, seat vibrations, etc. all adding value to the viewing audience. These environmental effects are synchronized with what is being shown on the screen thereby offering an unbelievable and realistic effect.

Sudden light flashes in the theatre hall followed by heavy sound, imitates lightning and thunder. Water sprays replicate rain drizzles and milder sprays are used to experience sneeze. The air turbines work wonders at making the audiences feel the gust of wind on their faces during a walk at a high mountain peak or a parasailing or parachuting experience. The seat vibrators and ticklers are used to imitate effects of walking through tall grass, or a pit of slimy snakes, a very old house full of cobwebs, pushing through the bushes in a garden, being part of a road accident, etc.

The special snow effect where there are tiny pieces of snowflakes falling into the theatre can replicate a walk in one of the higher peaks of the world. The bubble machine helps to create bubbles all over the theatre hall replicating a bath tub or the bubble land. The environmental effects make 7 D and 5 D cinema viewing a whole new experience for the audience. All this is synchronized with the plot of the video that is screened making it very realistic for the viewers. It is said that the human body remembers muscle and sensory memory more than emotional memories. Hence those effects that triggers the sensory organs puts cinema viewing on a pedestal.

The Edge

Such experiences are yet to be replicated on the silver screen and hence it can be said that the 7 D and 5 D cinema has a definite technical edge over it. It may not take too long for the big boys of the entertainment industry to follow suit. On an investment perspective this offers definite returns and is also business conducive. Any businessman who wants to do something special in the entertainment industry, while ensuring healthy returns on investment multi dimensional theatre can be a blind fold choice.