Outdoor Led Wall – Know Your Location Before You Buy

Before attempting to buy an Outdoor Led Wall Sign, you have to know a couple of things before you purchase one. First, you should know the weather conditions you are installing the outdoor led wall sign in. The reason for this, as you already know is that there are very cold or hot climates and this can dramatically change the lifespan of your sign.

What is tendency for Outdoor LED Video Wall?

The second thing you need to know is, is your outdoor led wall sign going to be stationary, or are you going to move this sign from location to location? If your sign is stationary, you shouldn’t have a problem with a standard waterproof cabinet mounted to a wall, but if you want a transportable sign, you will have to find a sign that can easily be broken down and be able to take the abuse of assembly and dismantle. Also the weight factor comes into play Outdoor Video Walls.

Third, you should always beware because there are so many different sign manufacturers, and sign companies don’t know that they if they are buying an inferior product. Making decisions is serious business when buying an outdoor led wall sign. That’s why you should always follow the chart below in order to purchase a proper sign with a proper protection from the elements.

An Outdoor Led Wall display is an integrated display system, which combines microelectronic technology, photonic technology, computer technology, and information processing technology. It is gradually becoming the leader in display field by virtue of its vivid colors, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long time span and steady capability. LED display, which is the advanced media in the world, are widely used in advertising, securities, information spread, news release and so on.

LED display itself is a kind of screen which is used to display text, graphics, images, cartoons, videos and other information, controlled through certain control. The LED commercial sign is an outdoor led wall sign with insulation that protects it from the weather. They are widely used in large squares, sports centers, traffic systems, shopping centers, parks and buildings.

GW LEDS Corp. designs and manufactures LED Commercial Signs outdoor full color signs, which are more suitable for displaying large video and images than other video equipment.

Typical Led Wall Applications include:
Large square, sports center, traffic system, bazaar, public, shopping center, park, building, advertisement, etc

Common Specifications
P10mm, P12mm, P14mm, P16mm, P20mm, P25mm, P30mm,
P31.25mm, P36mm, P40mm, P50mm

A good Sign Outdoor Led Wall Sign manufacturer will offer

  • 5-year full warranty on most parts, and do any repairs with in 48hr, no matter what location.
  • They also keep extra part on hand in the United States for 48hr repair.
  • After doing research I found most other companies take at least two weeks for repair and if they do have parts they are very expensive
  • One more quick comment that needs to be said is, If you are purchasing a portable outdoor led wall sign, make sure to locktite the screws on the module panels!

In conclusion, if you want to Purchase an Outdoor Led Wall sign you have to follow the guidelines that I’ve mentioned above. If you do not follow the guidelines you will most likely not receive the sign your business deserves.

The safest and most economical way to purchase a sign is to go to Chicagoleds.com, for free comparisons and research help as well as the features and advantages of using led signs in general.