Skincare Ingredients

Skincare products, the term may encompass a huge range of products. There is skin care for the face, body, and even skincare for your pet dog! It seems that any product can claim to be one with skincare formula, but are these all truly effective? Most people can not afford to waste money on over-priced creams or lotions that are full of synthetic ingredients and chemical preservatives. Instead, people are taking the time to learn more about natural ingredients and organic ingredients, as well as finding out how to select the best skincare brand.

Antibacterial ingredients are often found in skincare products. However, most of these are petroleum based. Petroleum based ingredients are usually found in antibacterial agents as well as antiperspirants This is because they can help to create a barrier on your skin that prevents moisture from escaping. While some bacteria types do not need a greasy barrier, others will thrive without it, thus leaving you with irritated or chapped skin.

Petroleum based ingredients also usually found in skincare products as preservatives. These chemicals can actually change the molecular structure of natural proteins inside of your skin, making them harder for your skin to replace. While most cosmetics contain natural protein peptides, many do not, and this is what causes your skin to age.

Deodorants are usually found in cosmetics as well, though this is not usually true. Although deodorants can keep your clothes smelling fresh, they do little to help keep your skin fresh. Mineral oil often contains paraffin waxes, which can actually clog your pores, trapping dirt and grime underneath and beneath your pores.

There are 12 ingredients that make up a typical skincare product, but only a few of them are actually good for your skin. You are usually better off buying your skincare products from a cosmetic manufacturer that uses all natural ingredients, because those are the safest and most effective. Make sure to read through the list of ingredients very carefully, because there is a lot of room for manipulation of the truth.

One important thing that you should be aware of is the antibacterial agent that is present in antibacterial skin care products. Many manufacturers try to pass off a chemical as an antibacterial agent when it is simply a pore-clogging agent, allowing the product to build up in your pores and irritate the skin. This irritates your pores, causing the overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria. Look for a skincare product that does not use any chemical antibacterial agents, and you will see that your acne will start to heal.