“Skyfall” Continues to Smash Records in the United States

It would certainly seem as though the sky is the limit when it comes to box office revenues for the latest movie in the Bond franchise. Since its release in the United States, “Skyfall” has managed to reach a record for the franchise, netting more than $87 million during its first weekend in theaters. This makes “Skyfall” this most successful Bond movie ever. The film has even outpaced the previous record holder, “Quantum of Solace,” which raked in $67.5 million during its opening weekend. Speculation is already running rampant that “Skyfall” will bring in more revenues than both “Quantum of Solace” and “Casino Royale” worldwide. To date, “Skyfall” has more than doubled the debut profits of 2006’s “Casino Royale,” the first film to feature Daniel Craig as Bond.

When the revenues from IMAX and large-format theater premieres are taken into consideration, “Skyfall” has brought in $90 million in the United States. This brings the worldwide total for the film to more than $518 million since it first premiered in theaters overseas in October.

“Skyfall” is the twenty-third film in the Bond series and the third film to star Daniel Craig as James Bond. The Craig era of the Bond series has managed to inject new energy into what was already one of the most enduring film franchises in Hollywood. The release of the newest film was specifically scheduled to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the release of “Dr. No,” the first Bond film. “Skyfall” has not only managed to break its own franchise records but has also scored the largest November opening for a film not related to the “Harry Potter” or “Twilight” franchises. As a result, “Skyfall” has become one of the highest-grossing movies on its opening weekend ever. It is the ninth number-one film to be released by Sony this year Situs Judi Bola Resmi.

Although “Skyfall” has certainly broken plenty of records, it still has a way to go in order to beat or even match the largest audiences Bond films have ever received. The 1965 film “Thunderball,” which starred Sean Connery as Bond, is estimated to have drawn $508 million when figures are adjusted for inflation. The 1964 release of “Goldfinger” came close to meeting those figures by bringing in an estimated $444 million.

During the last twenty years, Bond films have typically averaged around $200 million domestically in inflation-adjusted figures. Even so, the depiction of Daniel Craig as Bond has clearly established a new standard for the much-beloved franchise. When “Quantum of Solace” was released, it was to lukewarm critical reception. “Casino Royale” fared much better with the critics, as has “Skyfall.” Critics have not shied away from offering praise for the decision to ramp up the drama in the Bond series, as well as the action for which the franchise has become so well known.

The latest film continues to delve into the emotional traumas that have served to shape the cool and somewhat aloof personality of Bond. “Skyfall” fleshes out the secret past of M, Bond’s boss, played by Judy Dench. Ultimately, Bond finds himself pitted against a former agent who seeks revenge. Two familiar characters are seen in the film following notable absences in the prior two Bond films: Q, who is portrayed by Ben Whishaw in “Skyfall,” and Miss Moneypenny, played by Naomie Harris.

“Skyfall” is directed by Sam Mendes. As fans may recall, Mendes is responsible for the direction of the Academy Award-winning film “American Beauty.” In addition, Mendes directed Craig in “Road to Perdition.” Mendes was originally approached with the idea of directing the new Bond film following the release of “Quantum of Solace.” Production of the film was temporarily suspended due to financial problems experienced by MGM. It was not until the end of 2010 that production finally resumed. During the interim, Peter Morgan departed the project as screenwriter. The final version of the script was penned by regular Bond screenwriters Robert Wade, Neal Purvis, and John Logan with the incorporation of original ideas from Morgan. Filming finally began in November of 2011 in the United Kingdom, Turkey, and China.