Some Wedding and Wedding Guest Favors For Men

The two sexes may sometimes have varied needs and perceptions towards the wedding and unique wedding favors. Some favors are unisex or acceptable to both sexes but some lean more to one sex than the other. To distinguish the favors for men from the feminine ones, you most consider some features in the gifts. It would be of no help for you to give male guest tokens that are of feminine nature as; make ups, pulses and other items. Male wedding favors should exhibit some masculine features associated with activities that men love. The most common wedding favors for men could be items that are electronic or of machine origin. Naturally men are known to be very interested in items as camera, shavers, games, digital watches, diaries, calculators and stop watches. All these electronic gifts must be functional so that every time they are used; the guests are reminded of your big day. Electronics may cost a fortune to many thus it is a calling for the cream of the society. Also the maintenance and repairs should be easy to avoid being discarded in the first few months.

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Antiques are of great interest in men like furniture, watches and clocks, leather products, humidors, record players, machines and many others. Most of these can be easily used to decorate their private rooms as the study or if single the sitting rooms and the bedrooms. The tokens should also be functional creating amusement in the way they were made and operated. It is very hard to get large quantities of these but researching on individual interests can make the bride and the groom match the favors to their guests. If the supply is very small the antiques can be reserved for the most value guests with others receiving different rewards heart unique smoking pipes.

Liquor can also be used for appreciating the guest; for the most respected, and those who have played greater role in the lives of the wedding couple be give very expensive wines or other alcohol which has been aged for many years. The rest of the group can be given miniature alcohol bottles which contain alcohol like whiskey, rum, brandy or gin. The small packaging hold up to one tot and are very beautifully designed to resemble the bigger bottles. The guest can used the bottles as decorations for their homes as sitting rooms. In some cases the bottles can be personalized by inscribing the names of the bride and the groom and the date of the wedding and many others according to the side.

Male fragrances are also popular wedding favors; here the couple must get the top of the quality especially from the well known designer houses as Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and many others depending on the size of the pocket, and personal preferences. Fragrances also cost a lot of money thus careful segregation of guests according to class and profession is necessary.

Other gifts favorable to men can be those items that enhance beauty or appearance. These can consists of cufflinks, rings, shades, gold smoking pipes or cigarette holder, ties and many others. In choosing these items there should be considerations on their durability, cost, use and the value they add to the well being of the guest or intended purpose. All in all male gifts are easy to get and generally suit the attendees.