Taking Care of Elderly Cats

Time really flies! Your kitty is over 10 years of age? Well, it is already considered old. Most probably you know that but you may not be sure how to take care about it. You probably wonder that is the best way to maintain the health of your cat and what kind of food to use. There are numerous questions about looking after an older cat.

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The body of an aging cat goes through changes very similar to the changer that the human body undergoes. The muscle mass of the feline body is in natural decrease and the fat is increased. If proper care is not provided, the cat may become overweight. Also, energy needs of aging cats are not like they used to be when your pet was a kitty. This means that changes in the diet are necessary as well as special exercise that will be very useful for the cat’s health.

Nutrition is an essential part of your cat’s health. Older cats need to be fed with food specially designed for older cats. It should contain fewer calories and protein but it should be rich in vitamins and minerals. If you are not sure what food to choose, consult your vet about it. Cat food of good quality is very helpful because it may protect your per from various diseases and health problems https://filmdaily.co/news/coughing-cat-memes/.

In case you are not quite sure if your cat has officially entered old age, you should watch for the following signs: walking and moving slowly, loss of energy and agility, sleeping more, inability to jump. You can help your cat by providing pet steps with will help the pet to reach higher places as before. You can also keep quite so that the cat can sleep peacefully.

Arthritis is a serious problem for elderly cats. It may be cause by the changes in the absorption of calcium. Usually arthritis becomes a problem at the age of 12 or even earlier. However, you can help your cat and reduce the effects of this illness. For example, arthritis issues can be treated with medications and weight loss. In some cases the diseases cannot be treated and the only thing you can do is to make things easier for your beloved friend.

Cat care becomes more important with age. An older cat may lose ability to see and hear. Cat owners should provide care in such way to make the life of their cat safer and easier. In addition, they should assist their pets in matters related to the hygiene and should control fleas regularly. At older age cats cannot take care and clean themselves as they did before.

Your cat’s teeth require special care and this is a real challenge. The older cats get, the more dental problems are present. It is very important to maintain the teeth of your per healthy. One way to do this is to frequently feed the cat with hard food as well as comfortable cat bed (furniture), which will bring more happy moment in your pets life.