The Hugely Anticipated Samsung Omnia 7 Has Super Advanced Screen Technology

The nee Windows Phone 7 combines key multimedia and web based features to provide a rich user experience. And the Samsung Omnia 7 is one of the recent mobiles phones to feature the new platform. A 1GHz Qualcomm processor sits under the hood while the capacitive touch screen allows you to navigate the socially enhanced Metro UI.

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The design team kept the phones appearance to a minimum by allowing the 4.0 inch screen to dominate the front. The Super AMOLED screen is oozing with over 16M colours in a pixel resolution of 480 x 800 which can produce some rich imagery in high clarity. The device weighs 138 grams and measures 122.4 x 64.2 x 10.99mm, so it is very pocketable and fits quite nicely to hand, the casing has a sheen to it but it is easy to grip and looks very modern superslot.

Samsung opted for the Windows Phone 7 OS as it uses a unique live tile system which can be customized to feature almost any information the user wishes, scr5lling through you will find your e-mail inbox, calendar, social network updates and shortcuts to the multimedia player and web browser. Being Microsoft, a whole load of perks are made available, these include Xbox Live and a Zune media player, users will also find the various hubs and office section to be very useful.

Utilizing both Wi Fi and 3G technology the Omnia 7 supplies users with a full web browser which supports basic flash content and tab browsing, access to online apps is possible and as the phone comes with either a 8GB or 16GB memory, there is tons of space for them to be downloaded and stored. Samsung has also inserted a microSD slot for additional memory expansions with anything up to 32GB is accepted.

The Omnia 7 is packing a 5MP snapper which comes with auto focus, you also get a range of settings, image editing tools and sharing facilities. Samsung has made some extra tools and camera add-ons available from there Samsung Zone. The Zune player can comfortably playback a huge selection of audio and video formats which can be enjoyed via the great speaker system or headphones with a 3.5mm audio connection.

Samsung created the Omnia 7 with its users social needs in mind, a dedicated hub allows users to manage there Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts along with handling there e-mail inboxes and conducting live conversations over Instant Messaging clients like Windows Live or Gtalk. An on-screen keyboard can be accessed via the phone accelerometer which flips the interface into landscape when the phone is used for messaging or wide screen browsing.

The hugely anticipated Samsung Omnia 7 has super advanced screen technology, great support for social networking and a very usable interface which is simple, well planned and vibrant. Users will enjoy the phone for its online capabilities and ability to connect to Xbox Live, the device will attract gamers and young adults with these features. The Omnia 7 is aesthetically pleasing and is as good a fashion accessory as it is a phone.