VIvo Best Smartphones In The UK For The Next 12 Months

The VIvo Best Smartphones in the upcoming release of the lineup to include two new models. The first one is the VIvo Cliq, equipped with Windows on board and sporting a gorgeous 4.2″ HD screen. It’s all about combining style with performance. This device will surely capture the hearts of fashionistas as well as technology enthusiasts around.

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The second model in the list of the best smartphones in the future is the VIvo Z3i. This sleek-looking smartphone sports a gorgeous eight-megapixel primary camera and an eight-megapixel secondary camera. The phone has 2.5D curved screens and an attractive design.

The dual-core snapdragon processor in the VIvo Z3i supports augmented reality technology, which means that you can enjoy enhanced visual experience with the help of Google Maps. Apart from enjoying augmented reality, this smart phone also helps you to do multi tasking through the incorporation of media player, music player and video player vivo s1. It has two different memory banks to store your data. This enables the user to access information quickly and efficiently.

The price of the VIvo cliq is around Rs20,000 in India. The features offered by the phone are quite admirable. It is equipped with Windows preinstalled and also offers plenty of memory space. The Android interface that comes on the back of the phone looks pretty good. It is endowed with Windows and Internet features which help in easy browsing. The Amazon smartphone upgrade days sale is scheduled to begin on 28th April in India.

The second part of the best smartphones in the future includes the Amazon Kindle Fire. This sleek device from Amazon is another touch screen electronic book. It comes with an electronic dictionary, audio book player and a lot more features. It is made to withstand extreme shock of any nature and can be read straight from the Kindle Fire. The Amazon smartphone upgrade days sale is scheduled to begin on 28th April in India. The price of the Kindle Fire is yet to be decided in India.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is another smartphone in the VIvo best smartphones in the world. With a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED capacitive display it has got all the glamour. It features a powerful dual core processor along with the latest Windows operating system. It has got a lot of memory space that allows the user to store lots of videos, games and music. It will support the Qi charge system for wireless power delivery in the future.