What Was Life Like Before Smartphones?

Take your time and think about what was life like, when the smartphones weren’t this much accessible and Internet and social networks were not that much popular. The funny thing is that even some of us may not remember how it was! While most people believe that, a decade ago without these devices and services life was simpler and easier, some believe it might be simpler but not easier. However, almost everybody agrees that they changed our social life. There were days which people use their phones just when they did want to make a call, and nowadays they’re using it nonstop. Almost all of our real life social activities have been replaced by the virtual ones. Instead of going out and hanging with each other, we interact on social networks such as Facebook; instead of talking face to face, we use instant messengers; instead of talk about our daily life we post our photos on Instagram and so on. Not that smart phones steal our real life communications, but also they steal our old friendly gadgets such as Cameras and MP3 players. To be honest, who’s going to buy a small camera with 5 megapixel resolutions when his smartphone already provides far better camera?

So a question arises here that although smartphones took our real social life, did they create a bigger virtual life? Did they make it easier? With all those applications and fast connections, which could connect you to anyone around the world, did they do in favor of us or not?

Although you may think that they did, but actually they didn’t https://tragedyinfo.com/sabine-schmitz-death-obituary-sabine-schmitz-cause-of-death/. They just took us apart. Smartphones just force us to our lonely world. Normally we start the day with putting the headphones on and listening to music on the way to work, and during this course, we don’t talk with anyone. We just stare at our phones, play games or read news or books. During the work we may use our phones to chat with our friends or find a place to eat, then after the work again we will use it until home. Finally at home, we’re going to check our emails time by time and may do a video chat with friends and relatives and finally reading some books and going to sleep. We even don’t let them unattended when we are out to a gathering or party. Once again, the buzz of notifications makes us pull them out of our pockets and check them for maybe a new email or other interactions from social networks. Actually we are addicted to our smartphones, and we are losing our real life to the virtual life of theirs. They separated us from each other, and they replaced real life with virtual ones. If you think deeply, it may be a little scary. Our life becomes too much mechanized and too much virtual. The old ways of communication and socializing are endanger of extinction. Smartphones may bring many advantages to our life but instead they took our traditional life styles which once, we and our ancestors lived by them and enjoyed the life.