Why Choose CBD Creams Over Topicals?

The latest buzz in the world of CBD is how CBD creams can make you look younger. Many people argue that there are many ways to treat age-related illnesses such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease without taking synthetic drugs. But CBD has been shown to help reduce the signs of aging in the lab, and the product has no known side effects.

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CBD creams generally are applied directly to the affected area but act very much like other CBD items, including a liquid tincture taken orally or a capsule taken sublingually. The way in which CBD affects the body appears to come down to how CBD affects the brain s endocannabinoid pathway. In the lab, the CBD molecules have been shown to interact with the delta-9-thiamine and alpha-linoleic acid in the brain, which all work to create the symptoms of pain. It has been found that CBD works best when it is administered at a lower dose. If you take a CBD product that is at least 500 mg per dose, it should not cause you any side effects.

Some of the ingredients in popular CBD creams include aloe vera, bromelain, menthol, lavender and hyssop. Each of these ingredients have different actions on the body; aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory, while bromelain and menthol help promote healthy skin. Hyssop also helps relieve muscle pain. CBD cream is very easy to use – just apply it to the affected area once or twice daily. The results can be seen within as little as two weeks.

Most CBD creams, however, contain CBD oil, which means that CBD is not absorbed, only diffuses into the surrounding skin. This is different than many pharmaceuticals, which are usually absorbed right through the skin. The reason for this is that CBD is molecularly smaller than other pharmaceuticals. Since CBD diffuses into the body, it is not broken down easily. This allows CBD to be more readily metabolized by the body.

So why should you choose CBD creams over topical infused lotions? Well for one thing, CBD creams are a lot less expensive than topical infused lotions. You also won’t have to worry about having to take your CBD oil supplement with you at all times. Just purchase your cream, put it in a carrying case, and carry it with you at all times.

There are many brands of CBD topical creams on the market today. My personal preference is a topical cream called Revitol. This cream is a joint effort of three doctors who have had a lot of experience in treating ailments caused by chronic inflammation. If you would like to find out more about Revitol, you can go online to their website and see if they are right for you.